Cancellation of Attempt Marks for Jan. / Feb. 2022 Induction

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According to a recent decision on 7th Feb. 2022 by the Post-Graduate Admission Committee (PGAC), in meetings held on 07.10.2021 and 05.01.2022, the Competent Authority has decided that marks of examination attempts and National Examination Board (NEB) score shall not be considered for January-2022 Induction for Level-III, Year-I training. Now all merits will be made out of 95.

Previous Criteria:

  • For Pakistani Graduates: Five marks for the number of attempts in each professional during graduation.
  • For foreign graduates: If someone passed all the three steps of NEB in the first attempt then he/she will get five marks. If he/she passed even a single step in second or more attempts, then no marks will be awarded.

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