Comments of Misconceptions and Superpowers Post

We asked two questions: 

  • If you could have any superpower to assist you in your medical practice, what would it be and how would you use it?
  • What’s the funniest misconception a patient has had about their symptoms or treatment?

Following were the responses:


  • 1. Super vision to see through body….to look for internal organs inflammation and status.
  • 2. If i could Spot diagnose pt by just looking at patients…
  • 3. Telepathy 😂 so that we could know what does a patient want from his doctor. And what his misconceptions or idea regarding his disease.
  • 4. Photogenic memory. I really wish i could have it.
  • 5. Speed up my dental work so that i can do maximum cases in single day.
  • 6. MRI Machine in my area and do scan for free.
  • 7. Eidetic memory, to help memorize everything, by reading it once.
  • 8. Will do all investigations e eyes without zalalat.
  • 9. Superpower is only and only ALLAH but what i wish is merit based recruitment without references\sifarish, paid jobs for everyone, worklife balance, more hospitals so unemployed get the jobs, no discrimination between govt\private foreign graduates after they have received their licences, stopping reccurrent cip changes without prior notice, when all cannot get bhu seats then its marks should also be not included.
  • 10. Eyes that can do CT/USG/MR imaging.
  • 11. One time counselling, so that they don’t bother you every now and then..
  • 12. I wouldhve happily absorbed their pain.
  • 13. Healing Magic , that usually you see in Anime 😅.
  • 14. The power of trust that everyone has on a superhero, so they let him do whatever he wants to do…
  • 15. Memorizing rapidly.
  • 16. It would be the perfect diagnosis without involving any senior and I’ll use it whenever i want.
  • 17. Learning communication skills.
  • 18. Eyesight with x-ray CT mri modes ..  can detect anomalies easily 😅.
  • 19. I could detect lies spoken by patient/ attendants🤣. Use: i would use it to get an accurate patient history which would help me in diagnosis.
  • 20. Get control over pain centre in brian. I can switch off pain and relieve the patient immediately!
  • 21. X-ray vision will make endodontic procedures halwa.
  • 22. The ability to read minds so I wouldn’t need to keep asking the patient to give proper history, I’d already know. Because with proper history comes better/more accurate diagnosis.
  • 23. To feel what the other person feels, through touch.
  • 24. I would fill the system with money and resources to help those young patients who die because they can’t afford it.
  • 25. First of all, I will make system good, remove corruption, and make good salaries of doctors.


  • 1. Dr sahab medy me gas hogai h Jo k dmag pe charh gai h gas😂.
  • 3. “maidy ke gas dimaagh ko charrh jana” is so common !
  • 4. Donot go for private vaccinations for kids because doctors purposely charge more & the vaccines are not that expensive & their quality is no different than govt vaccines. Doctors are lying to earn money. Go for govt vaccinations as they are free & every one is going for them.
  • 5. Donot go for routine ultrasound because it’s rays will harm the baby🤦🏻‍♀️.
  • 6. A diabetic patient told me there is no point in having medication because life & death is in Allah’s hand. Taking medication won’t prolong your life. You will die at the time written for you so don’t bother with treatment. Enjoy life & eat whatever you want.
  • 7. Motion sickness as diarrhea 😂.
  • 8. A pt with vericose veins blaming her husband that he beats her so it was bcz of that..
  • 9. Cold blood in a blood bag can be boiled in oven.
  • 10. That they may have a Deadly disease symptom.
  • 11. Many patients think that milk cause pus as it resembles 😂.
  • 12. “there is a gas shell/cannon inside my body which keeps moving. Sometimes it’s in abdomen, then it goes to brain and i feel dizziness, if it goes to lungs i feel shortness of breath and when sometimes it moves to my legs, i feel pain”.
  • 13. That they got jaundice after taking some medicine.
  • 14. ik panadol nhi khani chhye ik sath 2 khani chhye akelay ik se nuqsan houjta hai.
  • 15. Am suffering from high bp because someone did black magic ….aur doctor mera bp ni theak kr skta.
  • 16. If once they got dialysis done, then they will need to have dialysed for the rest of their life.
  • 17. A patient told me that his libido improves with metronidazole.
  • 18. Pulling out a molar will render them blind.
  • 19. Patient’s attendant: Hamare mareez ka peshab bnd hogya tha jis ki wjha se usko T.B hogya.
  • 20. That his fractured clavicle won’t fix without surgery and that I should quit fooling him 🥹🙄.
  • 21. The funniest misconception that I have come to know is, “nazlay me dimag pigal k raishy ki soorat me naak se nikalta hy”🤭.
  • 22. اسںاں ٹھیک ٹھاک بندہ چا آے سے، ڈاکٹر نالی پائ اے تہ بندہ ساڈا مر گئے.
  • 23. Apki dawai sy to frq ni pra dum krwaya tha us sy thek huay hm.
  • 24. Gas me sir ta khtle🤣.
  • 25. Pait ki gas demagh ko char gai hy doctor sahab 🤣.
  • 26. Constipation is causing legs pain 😅.
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