Compulsory Stipend for House Job: Pakistan Medical Commission

All medical & dental colleges, teaching hospitals, and graduates seeking house jobs are informed that Pakistan Medical Commission Act, 2020 under Section 27(2) has prescribed that every private medical or dental college in Pakistan shall pay a stipend or salary to house officers not being less than the amounts applicable to public colleges as determined by the respective Provincial or Federal Government. Further, Medical and Dental Undergraduate Education (Admissions, Curriculum and Conduct) Regulations 2021 emphasizes under regulation 25 (2) that no unpaid house job shall be offered or obtained. Each private teaching hospital shall pay a stipend to a house officer being not less than the stipend payable to public teaching hospitals.
Moreover, the August Supreme Court of Pakistan vide judgment dated 09.11.2021 in C.A. No. 540, 541 & 542/2021 regarding the payment of stipend to the house officers has ordered as under- “public colleges and private colleges shall pay a stipend or salary not being less than the amount applicable to the public colleges”.
In view of the above, all public and private colleges and teaching hospitals are directed to comply with the provisions of the PMC Act and regulations framed thereunder and the judgment passed by the August Supreme Court in true letter and spirit. In case of non-compliance, legal action would be taken against the defaulters, in accordance with the law.


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