Disbursement of Stipend to the Postgraduate Residents

Reference to the Government of the Punjab, SHC&ME Department, Lahore letter No. SO(ME-I)Misc/22(Direct) dated: 01-01-2024, Punjab Health Foundation to launch Online Portal on 30th Jan 2024, for the disbursement of stipend to the postgraduate residents under Central Induction Policy for PGRs of PRP Level III & Level IV from March 2024 onwards.

PGRs are requested to upload the following Information on the Online Portal from 30th Jan 2024 to 1st Feb 2024.

  1. Bank Details
    1. Account Title
    2. Account Number
    3. Branch Name and Branch Code
    4. IBAN Number
    5. Account Authorization Letter from Bank
  2. Personal Information
    1. Name (As per CNIC)
    2. CNIC (Valid / Shall Not Expired)
    3. PMDC (Valid / Shall Not Expired)
    4. Institute Name (On-going Training)
    5. Specialty / Supra Specialty
    6. Supervisor Name
    7. Joining Date
    8. Expected End Date

Institutes shall verify the information of PGRS from 2nd Feb 2024 to 6th Feb 2024 form the portal.


  1. https://stipend.phf.gop.pk/
  2. http://prp.phf.gop.pk/
  3. Copy of Official Announcement on PRP website



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