FCPS Dentistry: Jan. 2020: 2nd List Statistics: Specialty Wise: Punjab Only

Operative DentistryMaximum MeritMinimum MeritAverage Merit
Nishtar Dental College, Multan72.06862763.32476266.95227575
Punjab Dental Hospital, Lahore70.96857166.91428668.435462
Oral & Maxillofacial SurgeryMaximum MeritMinimum MeritAverage Merit
Allied Hospital, Dental Section, Faisalabad63.72571461.32571462.1514285
Jinnah Hospital, Dental Section, Lahore63.90571463.80285763.8542855
Mayo Hospital, Dental Section, Lahore66.19393964.58857165.51099533
Nishtar Dental College, Multan62.09142960.68142961.43773825
Punjab Dental Hospital, Lahore64.93285763.73714364.335
OrthodonticsMaximum MeritMinimum MeritAverage Merit
Allied Hospital, Dental Section, Faisalabad64.91333360.78857162.850952
Children Hospital, Dental Section, Lahore71.4265.48095268.450476
Nishtar Dental College, Multan61.459.76523860.59702375
Punjab Dental Hospital, Lahore67.86285767.20571467.5342855
ProsthodonticsMaximum MeritMinimum MeritAverage Merit
Punjab Dental Hospital, Lahore65.86095265.03761965.4492855
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