FCPS Dentistry Statistics July 2019

Operative Dentistry1st List2nd List3rd List
Nishtar Dental College, Multan64.19428663.43428663.394286
Punjab Dental Hospital, Lahore70.74285770.74285770.742857

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery1st List2nd List3rd List
Allied Hospital, Dental Section, Faisalabad64.05714363.39428663.394286
Jinnah Hospital, Dental Section, Lahore66.26720466.26720466.267204
Mayo Hospital, Dental Section, Lahore67.88666767.88666767.886667
Nishtar Dental College, Multan65.85904865.85904865.859048
Punjab Dental Hospital, Lahore70.3138170.3138170.31381

Orthodontics1st List2nd List3rd List
Allied Hospital, Dental Section, Faisalabad73.76857173.76857173.768571
Children Hospital, Dental Section, Lahore73.41666770.61857170.618571
Nishtar Dental College, Multan65.36060664.72258164.722581
Punjab Dental Hospital, Lahore72.41333372.41333372.413333

No Induction in July 2019
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