FCPS One Applications for June attempt

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FCPS April 2020 Attempt was delayed due to the corona pandemic. Now the tentative date for the exam is 15th June 2020. Applications have been opened again. The last date of submission is 29th May 2020 and the application fee is 25,000 Rupees. See the notification

For New Applicants:

  • See detailed post: how to apply for the examination: https://upmed.net/application-process-fcps-one/
  • Apply online at CPSP Official Website: Click June 2020
  • If you have recently completed house job, you can apply for the examination. If you have already issued your PMDC full registration, that’s good. If not issued, simply upload house job PMDC with token/receipt of renewal. (They will raise an objection during the verification process. By that time, you need to issue your full PMDC registration certificate)

Those who have already completed Step-II:

  • If you have already completed step I and printed the challan but didn’t complete the step II, you can complete step II at this link:
  • Read details about filling the step II at this link: https://upmed.net/application-process-fcps-one/
  • If you have already printed the challan of 15000 before the corona pandemic issue, you can submit the fee of 15000 and complete the step II. This will complete your application process. During the scrutiny process, they will verify the fee. If they require a complete fee of 25000 rupees, they will send you an email and an objection will be shown on your eportal. You can submit an extra 10000 after the objection. (Important: This highlighted statement is my opinion.)

In case of any issue, feel free to contact at whatsapp: 03042397393

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