Getting Extraordinary Leaves (For All Provinces)

Few important points:

  • There is no time limit of service for EOL; you can take it anytime.
  • In EOL, your service is not counted during the training.
  • But in the deputation, while doing training, your service is also counted.

As per leave rules in all provinces of Pakistan i.e. Punjab, KPK, Sindh, Balochistan, and Aj&K:

“Extraordinary leave (without pay) may be granted on any ground up to a maximum period of five years at a time, provided that the civil servant to whom such leave is granted, has been in continuous service for a period of not less than ten years, AND In case a civil servant has not completed ten years of continuous service extraordinary leave without pay for a maximum period of two years may be granted at the discretion of the head of his office.”

EOL For Postgraduate Training:

If you are a regular Govt. servant and you are doing postgraduate training or going to start PG training; you can apply for EOL anytime irrespective of the length of service. Initially, you will be awarded two years leave and will be extended further.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Write an application to secretary health for EOL and get it forwarded from respective CEO / Head of Institute and submit it in the secretariat. (Note: In case you CEO or Head of Institute does not sign the application, don’t worry, you can directly submit in the Secretariat)
  2. Documents needed:
    • Copy of appointment letter/admission letter by your hospitals (MS-MD-MDS-FCPS-M.Phil.-Diploma)
    • Joining Report (Where you inducted)
    • Your regular posting orders.
    • Charge Report (Where you joined the regular duty)
    • Affidavit; That you will join the service after availing EOL. You can get the template from the secretary/CEO Office (May be different in each province)
    • CPSP RTMC or University Registration (If you are already doing residency)
For Extension of EOL for postgraduation: If your previous EOL has been terminated. You need to request an extension application along with: 1- An application for grant of extension in EOL, 2- A letter from MS/Principal of the Hospital / Institute, mentioning the dates for the completion of your residency, 3- Your previous EOL Orders, 4- RTMC / University Registration / Joining Letter may be needed.

EOL if for other purposes:

You can avail EOL for any reason by following steps:

  • Write an application to the Secretary and get it forwarded from Head of your Institute / CEO.
  • Get leave account letter from account office.
  • Attach supporting documents (if any)


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