Grievance Committee

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The grievance committee is the committee formed during the induction process of Punjab residency program (Central Induction); after the initial scrutiny of the applications and documents.

Purpose: To resolve the issues of candidates who were rejected or faced some kind of error during the initial scrutiny of applications and documents.

Members: It usually consists of 3 to 5 people including members from specialized Healthcare department and PHF (Punjab Health Foundation


  • When initial scrutiny of the applications has been done and some students receive rejection emails then the grievance committee is announced on the official website of Punjab Residency Program http://prp.phf.gop.pk/ and through individual emails.
  • Deadlines of committee and time schedule are also announced on the portal.
  • The venue is usually King Edward Medical University near VC office.

Who can appear: Every candidate who received a rejection email/notice must attend the committee. If he/she doesn’t attend the meeting and get his/her issue resolved, his/her application will be rejected completely.

Important: Physical presence of the candidate is mandatory (Even if candidates is from a foreign country, he/she will also appear physically)

How to attend the committee:

  • Reach the venue at the given time and ask the officials there to enter your name.
  • They will enter your name into a list.
  • All candidates appear one by one according to the list i.e. first-come, first attend basis.
  • Sometimes they email the students about a particular date. Consider that also.


  • The grievance committee solves almost all the issues except few i.e. changing preferences, extending experience, etc.
  • Always take relevant proper supporting documents with you.
  • After the grievance committee; candidates receive acceptance mail or notifications. If anyone still gets the rejection mail; that is the dead-end for him/her. He /she will apply in the next induction.

Note: The grievance committee is different from the hardship committee, which solves the issues of selected candidates/residents, who are performing their duties etc. (See details of hardship committee)

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