Guidelines for a Fresh Graduate

If you have completed your medical graduation the following points will help you.

Get registered with PMDC / PMC: First and the most important step is to register with PMDC /PMC. After this, you can start your house job. You can read details about registration with PMDC / PMC Here.

House Job Structure: It is complete one year, usually six months in Medicine and Allied and six months in Surgery and Allied. Subspecialties are counted in Allied i.e. Paediatrics, cardiology in Medicine and Allied and ENT, Gynae & Obs. in Surgery and Allied.

  • Pakistan: If you are going to pursue postgraduation in Agha Khan and Shaukat Khanum Hospital, you should do a structured House Job i.e. 3 months in medicine, 3 months in surgery and six months in allied specialities. For other institutes, the structure doesn’t really matter.
  • PLAB: Please make sure that you include at least 3 months of Medicine and/or allied and at least 3 months of Surgery and/or allied in your internship. To be on the safe side, choose sub-specialities in a way which would be acceptable to the GMC. Do not include too many specialities with too little duration in your internship. For example, do not choose ENT for a week, ophthalmology for two weeks, etc. Choose any speciality for at least 6 weeks, but ideally for 3 months. It would be ideal to have 6 months of Medicine and 6 months of Surgery, or 3 months each of General Medicine, Paediatrics (or any other sub-speciality of medicine), General Surgery and OBGYN (or any other sub-speciality of surgery). Important: If you are going to appear in PLAB, start studying for IELTS during your House Job. It is an English competency test which is required by GMC for registration. (Information about PLAB House Job was collected from Dr Naseer Khan’s Blog)
  • Other Foreign Exams: For other foreign exams i.e. USMLE, AMC, MRCP, MRCOG, MRCS, MRCPH or Prometric exams, there are no special requirements, but you should follow the standard pattern.

The gap before and during House Job: In Pakistan, if you take a gap before and during House Job, there will be no mess. But if you are going to appear in foreign exams, you should not take any gap or at least minify these gaps. Otherwise, you will need a lot of explanations and documentation.

Govt. vs Private Institute: Doing House Job in Govt. hospitals or private hospitals depends on followings:

  • Patient load: For better learning, patient load of the hospitals should be average. You can focus easily. Too low or too high load is not good.
  • Senior Faculty: There should be senior faculty so that you get more supervision.
  • Practice: While doing House Job, you need to practice the procedures.
  • Conclusion: If your govt. or private hospital is giving you a paid House Job and the patient load, senior faculty and practising are satisfactory, go for it.
  • Important: As per the recent induction policy in Punjab, candidates who have done their House Job from Govt. Institute, will get 2.5 marks, this would be helpful in securing good aggregate while applying for post-graduation in Punjab residency program. (See details about Punjab residency program / Central Induction Policy)

Things you need to learn during House Job:

  • Take proper history and perform the examination, start the appropriate initial treatment and seek proper advice.
  • Advise appropriate investigations.
  • Access and manage the most common diseases in any ward.
  • Interpret basic X.rays, ECGs, Blood reports, pathology reports etc.
  • Perform common medical and surgical procedures under supervision or independently.
  • Communicate effectively with the patients and their families as well as with members of the team of caregivers.
  • We will update the topics later on.

The decision about Postgraduation: This is a tough decision whether you want to go for foreign exams or pursue your career in Pakistan.

Foreign Exams: Foreign exams always need a different approach. Continue your House Job and keep preparing for these exams by following your seniors, who are preparing for these exams or already gone through these. Join appropriate facebook groups where the international community will also help you. (We will post details after collecting relevant information)

Exams in Pakistan: If you are going to pursue your career in Pakistan, you have to choose between FCPS, MD/MS/MDS, Masters, MCPS, Diplomas, M.Phil. and PhD. (We will post details after later)

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