Hardship Committee

If a medical trainee or candidate has issues after joining a particular hospital, they may be able to apply to the hardship committee for a transfer or other accommodation. A hardship committee is a group within a healthcare organization that is responsible for reviewing and evaluating requests for transfer or other accommodations from medical professionals. See this policy document: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DKHeQ2g5DhSkUuhOfMYGUnPrAEx_NDas/view

Reasons to apply to the Hardship Committee:

This may be any reason/problem you are facing, some of these are listed:

  • Transfer to a particular hospital: This refers to the process of requesting to be transferred to a different hospital for various reasons. In order to request a transfer, you need to have solid grounds, or valid reasons, for the transfer. These reasons could include a desire to be closer to home, a need for specialized training that is not available at the current hospital, or personal or professional reasons.
  • Transfer against wedlock policy: In this context, the policy states that when a couple is working at different hospitals within the organization, the spouse with higher merit will be transferred to the lower merit hospital. This means that the spouse with higher merit, or qualifications and experience, will be transferred to the hospital where the other spouse is working.
  • Supervisory issues: These issues could include the non-availability of a supervisor, conflicts with a supervisor, and inadequate support or resources from a supervisor.
  • Some hospitals or departments may not have accreditation for certain specialities.
  • Any disease or family issues: These refer to personal issues or challenges that may affect a medical professional’s ability to work, such as a chronic illness or caring for a family member with a medical condition. In these cases, a candidate may request a transfer to a hospital or department that is better able to accommodate their needs or provide the necessary support.
  • Others

How to apply for the hardship committee:

  1. Write an application: You can write an application for the hardship committee at any time, as there are no specific dates announced for when applications can be submitted. To write an application, you will need to provide information about your request for a transfer or other accommodation, as well as any relevant supporting documents or information.
  2. Submit the application: Once you have written your application, you will need to submit it to the secretariat (Specialized Health Care Lahore) in the name of the Secretary of Health. Link: https://health.punjab.gov.pk/
  3. Wait for a response: Once your application has been received, the date of the hardship committee meeting will be communicated to you. This may be done through a phone call or through the official website of the Punjab residency program (http://prp.phf.gop.pk/).
  4. Prepare relevant documents: Before appearing in front of the hardship committee, it is important to gather and prepare any relevant documents that may be needed to support your request. This could include medical records, letters of recommendation, or other supporting documentation.

It is important to note that you cannot go on the spot for the committee if you have not applied before. In order to be considered by the hardship committee, you must submit a written application and wait for a response before attending the meeting.


It is important to remember that hardship committees are responsible for reviewing and evaluating requests for transfer or other accommodations based on the specific circumstances and information provided by the candidate. Hardship committees may not be able to accommodate every request, as they need to consider a range of factors and make decisions that are in the best interests of the healthcare organization and its patients. If you have concerns about the actions of a hardship committee, it may be helpful to speak with a supervisor or human resources representative to discuss your specific situation and explore any options or resources that may be available to you.

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