Hardship Committee

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If any trainee/candidate has issues after joining a particular hospital he/she can apply in hardship committee.

Reasons to apply in the Hardship Committee:

This may be any reason/problem you are facing, some of these are listed:

  • Transfer to a particular hospital: For this, you need solid grounds.
  • Transfer against wedlock policy: Keep in mind, the spouse with higher merit will be transferred to the lower merit hospital.
  • Supervisory issues.
  • Sometimes, a department is not accredited for a particular specialty, you can apply for grievance in hardship committee.
  • Any disease or family issues.

How to apply for the hardship committee

  • You can write an application any time you want. No specific dates are announced.
  • You will write an application in the name of the Secretary health and submit in the secretariat (Specialized Health Care Lahore).
  • The date of the meeting will be communicated to you once it is announced. They will inform you telephonically or announce through the official website of the Punjab residency program. http://prp.phf.gop.pk/
  • You cannot go on the spot for the committee if you have not applied before.
  • Prepare the relevant documents before appearing in the hardship committee.

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