How can foreign nationals apply in Punjab Residency Program? ?

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Candidates from foreign countries can apply easily in the Punjab Residency program (Central induction) against 2% Quota seats for foreign nationals. Important: You must have passed FCPS-I or JCAT (Joint centralized admission test).


The candidates are being selected provisionally subject to fulfilment of the following criteria: (Document Link)

  1. Applicants with Foreign Nationality only (not dual nationals) with graduation (MBBS / BDS) from foreign countries are eligible.
  2. Applicants with Foreign Nationality (not dual Nationality) with graduation from Pakistan but on foreign quota seats (PTAP / Afghan National / Indian Occupied Kashmir / others) are eligible. However, they should not have worked as MO /WMO in any of Pakistan’s public/private health facilities.
  3. Applicants with dual Nationality but graduation from Foreign Medical College are eligible. However, they should not have any service in Pakistan’s public sector / private sector hospitals.
  4. Applicants with dual Nationality along with graduation (MBBS / BDS) from Pakistan but on Foreign Quota seats. They should not have any service in the public / private sector in Pakistan. These candidates are eligible.
  5. In order to streamline the admission process, the Applicants are required to furnish a reference from the concerned Embassy / concerned Government that the Applicant is allowed to apply for induction for four / five years post-graduation program.
  6. Foreign quota Applicants must also furnish any certificate regarding their ability to communicate proficiently in English and Urdu language.
  7. Applicants for Foreign quota seats must also furnish a Character Certificate from the concerned Police Station.
  8. Upon selection, the PGR on foreign quota seats should furnish an Affidavit that they will not practice in Pakistan. They will undertake to serve in their Country of Origin. This undertaking should be attested by the concerned Embassy also.
  9. If any of the above conditions are not fulfilled, the selection of such candidate is liable to be terminated at any stage of training.

Merit Criteria

Forty marks for JCATor FCPS part 1 exam. All the candidates who have passed FCPS One will get 30 marks out of forty, and JCAT candidates will get their marks according to their marks in JCAT.

  • Twenty marks for Degree [(Obtained / Total Marks) multiplied by 20].
  • Five marks for research, i.e. Maximum of 2 pieces of research are acceptable, and 2.5 marks for each research. Marks will be given only for the published research paper. The first three authors will get the marks. (Give Reference DOI Links of the Journals. No Credit will be given if the DOI link fails to open up.) Research Journal to be listed in JCRand HJRSUnderstand this by watching this video
  • Twenty marks for Experience and distinctions. Experience marks will be counted if the candidate has worked in govt. Institutes of Punjab (Primary & Secondary including PHFMC and Specialized Healthcare Department). Experiences of private, other provinces or foreign hospital is not counted. However, candidates will get distinction marks if they have secured any distinction, and a maximum of two distinctions are acceptable, and two marks for each distinction.
      • Experience will be counted (if served for three or more months) (Note: Less than three months will not be counted).
      • Five marks (for three months) will be awarded for BHU or RHC or Rural dispensary (up to 2 years counted).
      • Five marks (for three months) will be awarded for THQ, Non-teaching DHQ, and Urban dispensary (up to 3 years and four months counted).
      • One mark (for three months) will be awarded for Tertiary Healthcare Level (up to 5 years counted).
      • In the case of an “Adhoc” appointment, a maximum gap of 7 days between two consecutive ad-hoc appointments in the same institute will be considered to count for the experience marks.
  • House Job: Candidates will fall in Case III and IV for house job according to this criterion https://www.upmed.net/house-job-marks-for-jan-feb-2022-and-onward-inductions/ and get 2.5 marks only.
  • Attempt Marks (In Jan. 2020 and Jan. 2022 Induction, these marks were not awarded.)For Pakistani Graduates: Five marks for the number of attempts in each professional during graduation. For foreign graduates: If someone passes all the three steps of NEB in the first attempt, then he/she will get five marks. If he/she passed even a single step in a second or more attempt, then no marks will be awarded. (See policy for this, and this screenshot is taken from the portal in Jan. 2021 induction).

Previous Merits

You can see previous Merits and gazette at the main link of CIP. https://www.upmed.net/cip/. These merits can be accessed after paying the membership fee. See the membership details on this link: https://www.upmed.net/membership/

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