How can foreign nationals apply?

Candidates from the foreign countries can apply easily in the Punjab Residency program (Central induction) against 2% Quota seats for foreign nationals.

Important: For this purpose, you must have passed FCPS-I or JCAT (Joint centralized admission test).

Q: I have done graduation from the Public institute of my country will I get 5 marks for the public institute?

A: You will not get 5 marks for this. (As per Jan 2019 Induction). Similarly, you cannot prefer your institute as the preferred institute

Q: I have done house job from Public Institute of my country; will I get 2.5 marks for the public institute?

A: You will not get 2.5 marks for this. (As per Jan 2019 Induction)

Q: Will I get marks for the distinctions and published research papers?

A: Yes, the maximum of three distinctions are counted in CIP and 2 published research papers are counted. Read details about merit criteria in this article.

Q: Do I need PMDC for applying in Central Induction Policy?

A: According to latest protocol, you will need PMDC for applying in CIP, but after getting admission, you need to apply in that.

Q: Do I need a passport for applying?

A: No, you don’t need a passport for the application purpose. But you will need it for coming to Pakistan after admission.

Q: Do I need a Pakistani Moblie Number for applying?

A: Yes, you need a Pakistani Mobile number for applying. When you register while applying, you will get your login info and credentials at this mobile number. You will also receive credentials through email. Any mobile number other than Pakistan is not accepted.

Q: If my application is rejected for some reason and I need to appear in the grievance committee. Do I have to appear physically or I can send anyone else on my behalf?

A: Physical presence of the candidate is a must. Committee will not accept any person on behalf of actual candidate. See Details about the Grievance Committee.

Q: How much time will I have after getting admissions?

A: You need to join it at earliest i.e. in 2 to 3 days.  So, you keep your passport and Visa ready.

Q: When is the result of quota seats announced?

A: After the announcement of the result of Punjab candidates. It usually takes some time. A complete list of all quota seats including foreign and disabled candidates is published. But in the Jan. 2020 induction, they announced the result with Punjab Candidates.

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