Important Points you should know about Covid-19 Vaccines

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A few days ago (March 29, 2021, to April 13, 2021) an online Certification Course in “Development and Rollout of Covid-19 Vaccines” was arranged by the Department of Public Health, Infection Prevention, and Control Foundation. Prof. Dr. Mulazim Hussain Bukhari (MBBS, FCPS, Ph.D.) mentored this course.

After the course, a test was taken from the participants. I have taken these points from the test.

  1. What do you think, a pregnant woman can be vaccinated for COVID-19? Can be given safely.
  2. What is the endpoint of the COVID vaccine being used? Only to stop severe infection.
  3. What do you think, Breastfeeding women can be vaccinated for the COVID vaccine? She is safe to get the vaccine and no virus can be transmitted through milk.
  4. Can people who are getting food poisoning, or drug allergies, or drug addicts, or any other vaccine get vaccinated against the COVID-19 vaccine? They are safe, can get the vaccine.
  5. Which people should not be vaccinated against? Only those who have had a severe reaction like an anaphylactic reaction to any vaccine in the past should avoid the vaccine.
  6. Do the people who have recovered from COVID-19, get the vaccination? It is safe to give them a vaccine to re-boost their immunity after 4 weeks of recovery.
  7. Can people who have received convalescent plasma therapy during the COVID-19 get the vaccine? It is safe to give them a vaccine after 4 weeks of recovery.
  8. Can people who have had severe COVID disease or ventilators also get vaccinated against the COVID vaccine? It is safe to give them a vaccine to re-boost their immunity after 90 days of recovery.
  9. When should people with diabetes get the COVID vaccine? Such people must get the vaccine and do not stop drugs and go after taking food.
  10. How many days after the vaccine, a person is considered immune? Not Known yet.
  11. Can one get Corona after the first dose of the vaccine? Yes, you can get covid due to co-incidence because of exposure during or before or after vaccination.
  12. What instructions for those who are taking steroids? You must reduce the dose before taking the vaccine.
  13. Should one check the antibody after getting the first dose of the vaccine? No, you should not check the antibody after 1st dose.
  14. Should the people taking steroids in inhalers i.e., breathing steroids stop it? You should not reduce the dose of steroids inhalers before taking the Vaccine because of their local effect.
  15. The efficacy of the Moderna vaccine is 95%, which means? 95% of people are completely protected from getting SARS-CoV-2 infection.
  16. What do you need to know before you get the vaccine, what is COVID-19? It is an RNA virus that attaches to ACE-2 and CD 147 on RBCs receptors.
  17. The current Pandemic Coronavirus? Affects multisystem.
  18. Can people with allergies, asthma or skin allergy, or vaccine be vaccinated safely? Yes, they must take it to make them safer. As they are most vulnerable to getting the corona.
  19. What about those who take cancer drugs or immunosuppressive drugs such as methotrexate? They must take it but should stop the drugs 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the vaccine.
  20. What about the drugs used in leukemia or lymphoma and arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis? They must take it but should stop the drugs 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after the vaccine.
  21. What are the guidelines for vaccinating people with kidney and liver transplants? People who have had a kidney and liver transplant should be vaccinated every three months.
  22. Can we get PCR before getting the vaccine? If your PCR is positive, then no need for vaccination and wait till its clearance.
  23. Can those who are being given monoclonal antibodies be vaccinated against COVID as a precautionary measure? Such people can get vaccinated because it is not a harmful vaccine.
  24. When should people who are planning to have surgery be vaccinated against COVID? Yes, they need a vaccine before surgery.
  25. Johnson and Johnson Vaccine makers are claiming single dose.
  26. Sputnik vaccine is viral vector vaccine?
  27. Which vaccine is safer for immunocompromised people? Novavax and Sinopharm
  28. People with coronavirus should be vaccinated? No, they must get after recovery.
  29. Which vaccine is stored at +2 to +8 Centigrade temperature? AstraZeneca
  30. Can people with skin diseases or people with allergic rhinitis be vaccinated against the COVID vaccine? Yes, they can get the vaccine to make them safe from COVID-19.
  31. Can people who have had a heart bypass or stent be vaccinated against the COVID-19 vaccine and after how long? Yes, When the human heart enzymes are normal, the COVID vaccine can be given.
  32. Can people who are taking blood pressure, heart disease medications, or other medications such as blood thinners drugs be vaccinated? Yes, they can get the vaccine to make them safe from COVID-19 but should not stop the drugs.
  33. Can people with mental illness, MS, Alzheimer’s disease dementia, stroke, etc. take the COVID-19 vaccine? Yes, they can get the vaccine to make them safe from COVID-19.
  34. AstraZeneca vaccine is developed in Human fetal cells.
  35. Which vaccine needs storage at the lowest temperature -70 Centigrade? Pfizer
  36. Which vaccine has a normal temperature? Sinopharm
  37. Which of the vaccine is supplied by the Government of Pakistan without cost in the Public sector? Sinopharm
  38. Can one get two different vaccines? Yes, but if the second dose is not available.
  39. What about the SOPs about the COVID-19 transmission after vaccination? You cannot relax till the pandemic is there.
  40. Can one transmit SARS-CoV-2 after vaccination? Yes, cannot relax till the pandemic is there.
  41. What are other viruses belonging to the coronavirus family? MERS and SARS
  42. When does COVID-19 start from GIT, Skin, or another system? It stimulates only MHC-2 antigens and B cells only.
  43. A vaccine stimulates your immune system to produce antibodies like it would if you were exposed to the virus? No, it produces immunity differently by stimulating CTCs and B cells simultaneously without attaching the ACE-2 receptors.
  44. There are currently vaccines available for the following coronaviruses? MERS, SARS-CoV-1, and SARS-CoV-2.

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