Joint Centralized Admission Test (JCAT)

Joint Centralized Admission Test (JCAT) was introduced in 2016 by the Health Department with the cooperation of King Edward Medical University Lahore, University of Health Sciences Lahore and Fatima Jinnah University Lahore. It is an entrance test for admissions in MD/MS/MDS programs in various Public Institutes/Hospitals of Punjab. In the private sector, Sharif Medical City Lahore requires this test for admission in its programs.

Purpose of the test:


  • Candidates doing house job are not eligible to apply.
  • Candidates from other provinces can also apply.
  • There is no negative marking.
  • If you pass the test will a low score, you can retake the test in order to improve your previous scores. If you fail to improve, your previous marks remain valid.
  • They ask for a permanent PMC. If your PMC is expired, submit an application for the renewal of PMC. You can read the details here.

2021 Schedule:

AprilThe exam was announced on 11th April 2021 but was conducted on 23rd May due to covid.
October3rd Oct. 2021

October 2021: The exam will be conducted on 3rd October 2021. Applications starting from 09th August 2021. Last Date with single fee (Rs. 3000): 23rd August 2021. Last date with double fee (Rs. 6000): 30th August 2021. Apply at this link: http://jcat.kemu.edu.pk/

Official Announcement
Admission Notice
Paper Pattern
How to prepare for this exam
Read the complete procedure of the application
MD-MS Successful Candidates Result
MDS Successful Candidates Result
MD/MS – Roll No 2120001 to 2121599 Result
MD/MS – Roll No 2121600 to 2123193 Result
MD/MS – Roll No 2123194 to 2124928 Result
MDS Result

April 2021: The exam was conducted on 23rd May. The result was announced on 24th April.

Result MD.MS Candidates (Passed)
Result MDS Candidates (Passed)
Result MD.MS Failed Candidates
Result MDS Failed Candidates
Latest notice of 8th May 2021: New Exam date is 23rd May 2021 (See Notice).
Notice of 13th April 2021: The exam Date was 30th May 2021 (See Notice).
Exam Postponed (See Notice)
Official Notification
Application Submission Notice
Paper Pattern
How to prepare for this exam
Read the complete procedure of the application

November 2020: The exam was conducted on Sunday, 15th November 2020 in the morning and evening shifts at Examination Halls, University of Punjab, Wahdat Road Lahore. The result was announced on 17th Nov. 2020.

Notice official website
Result Successful Candidates MD.MS
Result Successful Candidates MDS
Emails were sent to failed candidates

March 2020: It was going to be held on 15th March 2020 and postponed due to corona. The exam held on 26th Aug. 2020.

Advertisement Newspaper
Notice Official Website
Postponed due to Corona Emergency (See Notification)
New Exam Date: 26th August 2020
Summary Result
MD. MS Roll No. 2010001-2010999
MD. MS Roll No. 2011001-2012335

October 2019: It was held on 6th October. The result was announced on 7th October.

Application Form
Paper Pattern
Summary Page
Roll No. 1940001-1940481
Roll No. 1940482-1940961
Roll No. 1940962-1941442
Roll No. 1941443-1941922
Roll No. 1941923-1942563

August 2019: It was held on 4th August 2019.

Summary of Result
Roll No. 1930001-1930609 Result
Roll No. 1930610-1931221 Result
Roll No. 1931222-1931828 Result
Roll No. 1931829-1932437 Result
Roll No. 1932438-1932954 Result
MDS Result
Application Form
Paper Pattern

April 2019: It was held on 7th April 2019 and the result was announced on 8th April 2019.

Summary of the result
MDMS: 1920001-1920524
MDMS: 1920525-1921049
MDMS: 1921050-1921574
MDMS: 1921575-1922146
MDS Result
How to prepare for this exam
Apply for the Exam
Application Form
Paper Pattern

February 2019: It was held on 10th Feb. 2019. The result was declared on 11th Feb. 2019. The pass percentage was 16.91%.

See Results
Official Notification
Admission Form

Schedule 2018: Joint-Centralized-Admission-Test-JCAT-Examination-Calendar-2018

October 2018: It was held on 7th October 2018 (Sunday) and the result was announced on 8th October 2018.

Examination Schedule JCAT 2018
Application Form
Paper Pattern for MD-MS & MDS
Result Summary
MDS Result
 MD-MS 189001 – 1890750
MD-MS 1890751 – 1891500
MD-MS 1891501 – 1892250
MD-MS 1892251- 1892892

August 2018: It will be held on 5th August 2018 (Sunday). The advertisement was announced on 8th July 2018 (See advertisement)

Examination Schedule JCAT 2018
Paper Pattern for MD- MS, and MDS
Admission Form For Examination
Result Summary
MDS Results
MD/MS Result Roll numbers 1870001-to-1870600
MD/MS Result Roll numbers 1870601-to-1871200
MD/MS Result Roll numbers 1871201-to-1871800
MD/MS Result Roll numbers 1871801-to1872386

April 2018: It was held on 8th April 2018 and the result was announced on 11th April 2018

Advertisement Notice
Application Form
 Result Summary
 Result MD / MS
 Result MDS

Feb 2018: It was held on 11th February 2018 and the result was announced on 12th Feb 2018

Application Form
Advertisement Notice
Summary Result
Result MD / MS
Result MDS

October 2017: Held on 18th October 2017

Question Paper Pattern
Summary of Result
Result MD/MS
Result MDS

May 2017: Held on 14th May 2017

Summary of Result
MD / MS 1770001-to-1771504 Result
MD / MS 1773001-to-1774488 Result
MDS Result
Final Result Notification of MD / MS (After VPCE)
Final Result Notification of MDS (After VPCE)

February 2017: The test was taken by UHS on 5th February 2017, for vacant training slots in MD/MS courses.

Result MD
Result MS

January 2017: The special test was taken for Induction in Anesthesia. No Record Available

November 2016: Held on 17th November 2016: See Summary of Result

July 2016: Held on 28th May 2016: Summary of Result

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