Medical Officers (MOs) chance to work at Prison Hospitals of Punjab

Opportunity: The Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department offers Medical Officers (MOs) the chance to work at Prison Hospitals.


  1.  Additional Incentive: An extra incentive of 40,000 PKR per month.
  2. Level III Marks: Opportunity to earn extra marks in Level III assessments (Maximum experience mark limit: 10).
    • Shift-Based Points: Points are awarded based on shifts at the Prison Hospital:
    • Morning Shift: 1.25 points for every continuous three-month period.
    • Evening Shift: 1.5 points for every uninterrupted three-month period.
    • Night Shift: 1.75 points for every continuous three-month period.

Eligibility: Regular MOs under the administrative control of the Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department can apply.

Policy: The existing periphery policy applies, and postings at prison hospitals are preferably for a duration of one year.

Application Process:

  1.   Online Application: Apply via the provided link:
  2. Application Deadline: The portal will be active until January 15, 2024.
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