Medical Questions | PPSC Interviews

1What is differential diagnosis of 50 year old male with low GCS?
2What will be the Management of patient with low GCS?
3Deliver a 5 minutes lecture on different types of hernia.
4What is Thyroid storm management?
5What is Malabsorption syndrome?
6What is Metabolic syndrome?
7How to prevent drowning in children?
8How to reduce fear of anything like drowning?
9Differentials of pain RHC
10how is asthama treated?
11What is EPI schedule?
12Explain investigation and treatment of Cholelithiasis.
13What is courviser law?
14What are the main features of Nephrotic syndrome?
15What is Marasmus and kwashiorkor?
16Who supervises field staff at BHU level?
17How to diagnose and manage malnutrition at bhu level?
18How to manage pregnant pt with ms in active Labor?
19What are acute and chronic appendicitis?
20Chylomicrons,apolipoproteins, respiratory distress syndrome,surfactant name,
21What is lecithin sphingomyelin ratio PPH mangement placenta previa?
22What are causes of compliance fatty liver?
23What is difference between incised and lacerated wound?
24What is Dry socket?
25How is dry socket treated?
26What is Local anesthesia dose?
27What is Role of adrenaline in LA?
28What are Complications of tooth extraction?
29Waht are Objectives of surveyor in prosthodontics?
30What is difference between open and closed extraction?
31Describe Bhu organogram.
32What is Differential diagnosis of Right Upper Quadrant Pain?
33What is Treatment of acute cholecystitis?
34An unconscious patient comes to your BHU How will you deal with it?
35Why adult polio dose is given?
36How to identify Intestinal perforation?
37What is scabies? Organism causing scabies?
38What is Psoriasis? Is it skin condition or systemic?
39What is Eczema? Explain
40For what health purpose malinda and bill gates are spending money in Pakistan?
41What are causes of infertility?
42What are ECG changes after 6 hrs of MI?
43What are Laporotomy scars?
44How many layers are opened during open cholecystectomy?
45What is Incisions of appendectomy?
46What is Normal and Random sugar levels?
47How can you confirm a person is diabetic?
48Tell about Dog bite management and vaccination?
49Explain primary and secondary closure of dog bite.
50What is Stroke, its types, risk factors and prevention?
51Type of spinal needle and its gauge.
52What is dose of lignocaine?
53In which hand one use laryngeoscope?
54What are Local anesthetics?
55If a person’s comes to you at your Rhc wit BP over 200/120 what will you do?
56Tell Typhoid investigation of choice.
57Describe differential diagnosis of Right hypochondrial pain.
58Describe differential diagnosis if a patient found unconscious in field.
59What is intestinal perforation?
60What is Scenerio of domestic violence?
61What are difference types of joints?
62What is the number of cervical vertebrae and nerves?
63What is the total number of vertebre and name them.
64Describe Atrial fibrillation management and ECG changes
65Which things you wil check if pateints come during 2nd trinester but first visit?
66What are the Causes of IUD?
67Describe Sheehan syndrome.
68Describe management of diarrhea in kids at THQ level.
69If pt come with hx of Fitz what will ur steps of management at thq level?
70A patient has high BP in pregnancy. What will be the terminology for this? And how ill you manage it?
71What is RCT?
72Describe DD of chest Pain.
73What is TTO of MI and investigation?
74Case senario of Pulmonary embolism investigation and tto
75What is Drug Reaction and TTO of shock?
76What is ECG?
77What are types of MI?
78What are Ecg changes in MI (STEMI NSTEMI)?
79Describe Criteria for SK
80What are the types of Ventricular tachycardia? Describe its management.
81What is Vasovasal syncope management and how to counsel patient and family?
82Describe Cardiac arrest management at primary and secondary level
83Describe Role of Neurosurgery in haemorrhage
84What are different types of haemorrhage. Describe intra and extra management.
85What are types of Raised ICP? How is it managed?
86Whata are Types of shunt in ICP?
87How to check patency of shunt?
88What are Duties of MO IN RHC?
89How is TB treated?
90What are 2nd line drugs? What are Side effects?
91How to collect data for such patients?
92What is emergency treatmnent for dog bite and sanke bite?
93Describe rabies management.
94What is Spinal anesthesia complication?
95Needle used for spinal anesthesia
96Describe Preparation for spinal anesthesia.
97What is CPR?
98What does AED stands for?
99Describe treatment of malaria.
100What is role of breast feeding in contraception?
101What is the schedule of measles vaccine if given after 9 months?
102What is Hernias?
103Appendicitis scoring system and interpretation
104What is Scenerio of acute abdomen?
105What are aflatoxins?
106What are Social diseases?
107Causes of pain abdomen?
108During 3rd molar surgery, inferior alveolar artery is cut, how to manage? How will you clamp the artery?
109What is the Classification of TMJ ankylosis?
110Describe Adverse effects of LA.
111What is ASA classification of local anesthesia?
112What do you call a specialist in anesthesia? Anaesthetist or anesthesiologist?
113What is Lumbar Stenosis and how do you treat it?
114Describe management of DKA.
115What is mantrels score for appendicitis?
116A person came with trauma mark on the flank what would you do at the perihery?
117wahWhat is Obesity and its risk factors.
118What is a triphasic CT scan? Why we do triphasic CT scan in HCC complication of liver cirrhosis?
119What are the techniques used in waste management?
120What is the treatment of pre-eclampsia?
121How would you treat pt with RTA at periphery?
122How would you treat a patient of Cerebral malaria?
123What is Pulmonary fuction test?
124Can you give medical certificate for leave without examintaion of diseased person or on phone call?
125Whta is Herd Immunity?
126What is neonatal jaundice
127The budget which is consumed to fullfill the vitamins requirements of population how this budget can be reduced?
128In which speciality President Dr. Arif Alvi is a doctor.
129What are the Side effects of face mask?
130How will you manage a patient with femur fracture, EPI and covid?
131Define shock and what are the types of shock?
132How will you differentiate cardiac pain from other pains in emergency situation?
133How can we kill spores?
134What is Respiratory distress syndrome?
135Describe asthama. Its pathophysiology, diagnosis and management.
136What is perinatal mortality?
137What is indication of C-Section?
138What are the causes of perinatal mortality?
139Describe pathophysiology of phototherapy.
140What are the precautions and treatment of migraine?
141How would you take antenatal care of mother?
142how diabetes management is done?
143What is the treatment of Choriocarcinoma?
144Define complete and partial mole. What are their complications?
145What is the daily requirement of Iodine?
146Describe following: Eclampsia, stone disease, upper GI bleed and APD
147What is the presentation of MI
148Describe following: ECG findings, ECG leads and Apgar score.
149Describe Investigations and management of Meningitis.
150What are the Sign and symptoms of fracture if base of skull?
151Describe management of cardiac arrest.
152Describe Management of bronchial asthma.
153Whata is Water borne disease?
154What are Vector born diseases?
155What things are required for folleys catheter?
156What are Signs symptoms of acute appendicitis?
157What is Compartment syndrome/
158What is population explosion? What are its side effects and how to control it.
159Waht are maternal mortality rates ratios?
160Which model is used for breaking the bad news?
161What are the four fundamentals of ethics?
162What are the causes of iron deficiency and anemia?
163What are types of contraceptives?
164Which contraceptives can be used patient of breast cancer?
165What is mirena, its composition, for how long it provides contraception
166Whata are Contraindications of contraceptive?
167Which anti psychotic causes weight gain?
168What is primary health care?
169What are the types of consent?
170Name an Anti diabetic.
171What is Eczema?
172What is pediatric diarrhea?
173What are medicolegal cases?
174Case of RTA
175What is Urology?
176What is URS?
177How to approch kideny stones?
178What is Oncology.
179What are the types of Lung cancer ?
180What is Breast cancer and its treatment options?
181What are Signs of depression?
182What are Negative symptoms of schizophrenia?
183How do SSRI act? Why are they called a wonder drug?
184How would you manage Acute Myocardial Infarction in a BHU? Emergency to admission to follow up?
185What are the Antibiotics used for typhoid, amebiasis and gastroenteritis?
186What is the Use of diloxanide furoate?
187Describe management counselling of Diabetic foot.
188What is the difference between Neonatal jaundice and pathological janudice ?
189What is humidity? Its reasons and covid cases during humidity.
190Describe following : infant, toddler, diarrhea management and TB dots.
191What are parts of Fallopian tube?
192What are contraindicated and indicated drugs during pregnancy?
193How to prevent maternal mortality in Pakistan?
194What is the best IV antibiotic to treat pneumonia?
195How Hypertensn is treated?
196What is mole, CBC and lipid profile. What do you check in these tests?
197What are the types of Anemias?
198What are Causes of respiratory failure?
199What is cyanosis and it’s types?
200How to run polio compaign?
201What is Organophosphates Poisoning?
202What is the difference between Typhoid and Paratyphoid fever?
203What is bacillary dysentery?
204What is the diagnostic criteria of Typhoid fever?
205What is HTN?
206What is Hyperthyroidism?
207What are C-Section complications?
208What are Anesthesia complications?
209Have you seen CT angiography?
210What can be the side effects of contrast used for CT scan?
211What can be side effects of steroids?
212What is acute abdomen?
213What is hystereotomy?
214What are sites of ectopic pregnancy?
215What is Green stick fracture?
216What is disease surveillance?
217What is type of hemmorrage in patient regarding surgery?
218What are different type of bleeding disorder?
219What is extrinsic and intrinsic pathways?
220What is Pulmonary edema?
221What is Epidemics and Hepatitis?
222Dhq AWD in children?
223What are types of shock?
224What is Integrated program of child management?
225What is Dehydration plan?
226What is Pre-ecclampsia?
227What is Palliative treatment?
228A child injected measles vaccine and suddenly collapsed what will you do?
229Which is the most important step in management of status asthmaticus?
230How to treat gestational diabetes?
231Describe meningitis in children.
232What are viral bac differentiation and complications?
233What is pneumothorax and tension pneumothorax? and its emergency management at the level of RHC.
234Waht are Common urological emergencies?
235What is APH
236What is PPH? How would manage PPH
237How a mother will feed the twins?
238Waht is Absolute contraindication of breast feeding?
239What is Stevens Johnson Syndrome and how will you manage the patient at BHU.
240Waht are types and used of Burnishes?
241What is Plunger?
242Where is pear shaped bur used?
243Give detail about Sjogrens.
244What is Xerostomia
245What is Tuberculosis
246What is Gumma
247What is Tongue tie
248How will you manage a child with RTA avulsed tooth?
249What is Dentigerous cyst fate?
250How can we get these collected questions ??
251What is Diastolic murmers?
252What are several nephrotic syndrom complains in patient?
253What is Tension pneumothorax and Open pneumothorax?
254What are I/V fluids?
255What are Rules of 9 for burn patient?
256What is CPR and ATLS?
257which column of spinal cord is damaged by Polio virus?
258Describe diarrhea management.
259What is APGAR score?
261Whta is Palliative treatment?
262Describe 1st Aid of RTA.
263Is cardiac syncope pathological or physiological?
264What should a patient do before syncope to prevent it?
265Is snoring caused by URT or LRT?
266Which is the danger area of face?
267Which is the Tumor causing hypertension?
268Give definition of eczema
269Give types of hypertension?
270Describe Managment of CLD patient.
271What is Portal hypertention?
272What is Normal pressure in portal vain
273Give Types of wound?
274What is the Difference between firearm entry and exit wound?
275What are Anti tuberculosis drugs with one side effect each.
276Describe anemia in pregnancy and it’s treatment in each trimester.
277Describe Management of eclampsia.
278How would you treat dehydration of 1 year kid in emergency?
279Which is the latest vaccine added in EPI, and why?
280What is the Percentage of pregnant women having iron deficiency anemia?
281What is anemia
282What is Colle’s fracture?
283Describe following : Hemoptysis, hematemesis, ECG and TOF
284What are the types of surgical incisions for abdominal surgery?
285What does Sirs mean in COVID?
286What are mantrels in acute appendicitis?
287What is Hydatid cyst?
288What is Rabies?
289How will you treat anemia in pregnancy?
290What are Protozoal diseases?
291Describe Treatment of heart failure.
292What are the Effects of beta blockers all over the body?
293What is BMR and how to calculate it?
294A women in her 50s came to you with the complaint that she had excessive sweating and feels too hot what would you do?
295What is the Difference between isolation and Quarantine?
296What is the Difference between epidemic and pandemic?
297Describe specific Treatment of Covid.
298Which Antiviral is used for treatment of COVID?
299What is anaphylactic shock?
300Describe managment of Honey bee bite.
301How to d-potash a patient?
302What is Lipid profile and its values?
303What is Cardiac arrhythmias
304What is Gestroentritis?
305Which is the most dangerous arythme?
306What are the Causes of spread of HIV?
307What is rheumatic fever and most commonly valve involvement?
308Describe management of fever in BHU?
309What is OGTT and it’s normal values?
310What is fistula and it’s examples?
311What is ruptured ectopic pregnancy?
312What are Causes of tooth decay?
313Tell steps of RCT.
314What are vesicullobullous lesions?
315What are the Principles of instruments in extraction?
316What are the Causes of crown breakage during extraction?
317How to retrieve broken root?
318What does HIDA stands for? How it is performed?
319What are Rhinolith, Rhinitis, labour 3rd stage and pneumothorax of both lungs management?
320What is upper and lower bleed?
321What is the difference between hemoptysis and haematemesis?
322Give Methods of contaception.
323How fulminant hepatic failure is managed?
324You are sitting in DHQ Hospital on Duty as Medical Officer Suddenly a Staff Nurse Comes to you and tells you that while she was administering Medicine to the Patients a Patient Suddenly have collapsed and Stopped Responding whatwill you do first?
325What is the definition of mother health care?
326What is normal Uric Acid level?
327Which disease is caused by Clostridium perfinges?
328which receptors present in uterus?
329Where in the body beta agonist act?
330What is B hcg levels in pregnancy?
331How to dispose waste ?
332For what purpose yellow bin used for?
333Where to dispose off organ waste?
334Classify Drugs for Diabetes mellitus.
335What are thyroid hormones and most active?
336Name drugs of TB and side effects.
337What is placental abruption?
338Define Abortion and it types.
339What is the number of Doses of tetnus vaccine given in pregnancy?
340What are Emergency C section indications?
341What is PPH?
342What techniques are used for sterlization?
343What is autoclacve? and what is the temperature of autoclave?
344What are local anesthetics?
345What is acute renal injury?
346What is acute renal failure? Describe its treatment.
347What are the causes of cardiac failure?
348What are types and causes of edema?
349What is stridor? Give its causes and treatment.
350What is quinsy?
351What are the X-Ray findings in bronchitis child?
352What are types of microcytic hypochromic anemias?
353Which anemia is life threatening?
354What are causes and treatment of iron deficiency anemia in our setup?
355What is the quantity of elemental iron in different iron formulations?
356How will you manage a female pt in labour about to deliver who is also about to collapse if you are in BHU?
357How will you manage if such pt collapses and goes into cardiopulmonary arrest?
358Will you refer the pt to better care hospital in such condition?
359What is Bishop score and its interpretation?
360What are Clinical stages of AIDS?
361How many diseases are in epi?
362What is RIF pain ? give its differential diagnosis.
363Give differential diagnosis of LIF.
364Describe folowing: Chronic HTN, shock, snake bite, dog bite, MI, Angina, CVA, DKA, acute pancreatitis.
365Whata are the cases in medical urgency?
366Differential diagnosis of lower abdominal pain in females?
367Describe PPH mangment at RHC
368Which is safe antimalrial in 2nd trimestr pregnancy?
369Describe scabies counsling.
370How is asthma managed?
371What are types of placnta previa?
372What is high grade fever?
373Describe method of tepid spongin.
374In which type of abortion in pregnancy can be saved?
375What are antenatal visits in last trimester?
376What are different positions of baby?
377How to decide for normal or C-Section?
378What are the types of anemia in pregnancy?
379What are indications of dialysis?
380What type of dialysis which is more common?
381What is Shoulder presentation?
382What is Cord presentation?
383What is Brow presentation?
384Describe Acidosis due to renal failure.
385What is Electrolyte disturbance(hyperkalaemia)?
386What is Uremic encephalopathy?
387What is Fluid overload( pulmonary edema)?
388Which nerve is involved in foot drop and wrist drop?
389What is difference between uremia nd azotemia?
390What is Radial nerve damage?
391What is Common peroneal nerve damage?
392Describe Blunt Abdominal Trauma and its management?
393What is Acute abdomen and brust abdomen?
394What are types of C.section. Describe steps.
395What is kangaroo care?
396Which disease kangaroo care prevents in neonate?
397What is PPH and APH?
398What is postnatal Care and advice given to mother related to neonate?
399Des rabies management in bhu?
400What to do with rabid dog?
401What is BMI formula?
402What are air borne diseases?
403What are water borne diseases?
404What is treatment of eclampsia?
405What is treatment of pre-eclampsia?
406How chest pain is managed in emergency and BHU?
407How are chest(MI,ANGINA,SHOCK), Acute diarrhea, asthema,PPH and CPR are managed at BHU level.
408What is active immunization?
409What are the stages of labour?
410What are the types of abortions?
411Describe delivery Of fetus.
412What is the product of conception during implantation?
413What is controlled cord traction?
414Difference between staging and grading?
415What is HCC tumor marker?
416What protocol you will follow for diabetic patients delivery and also for patient who was on heparin treatment.
417What are the complications of spinal anesthesia and ketamine?
418What is Teeth eruption? Age and its types.
419What is neonatal jaundice?
420What is hyperemesis gravidarum?
421What is difference between heparin, disprin and streptokinase?
422What are labs for Hepatitis A??
423Why BCG given at birth??
424When and how is Hepatitis B is treated?
425Give ways of approaching a patient with chest pain?
426Describe VVM, ILR, PPH Management at BHU level?
427What is relative bradycardia?
428What are serotypes of dengue?
429What are cause of maternal mortality??
430What is major cause of Maternal mortality in Pakistan?
431Organisms of pneumonia
432Clically differentiate in obstructive and non obstructive jaundice
433What is shock
434What is vertical transmission
435Tell some antibiotics that are safe in pregnancy?
436Tell some Antihypertensive that are safe in pregnancy and it’s side effects?
437What are Blood transfusion complications?
438What are Complications of cholilithiasis?
439What is pneumonia
440Which three bins are used for waste disposal?
441What is Congestive heart failure?
442What is Hyperkaleamia?
443What is Hypothermia?
444What is Thrombophelebitis?
446What is Guillain Barre Syndrome?
447Explain Transverse Myelitis.
448What is Traumatic Neuritis?
449Describe Muscle hypotonia.
450What is Hypokaleamic Paralysis?
451Describe POTT’s disease
452What happens when you have encephalitis?
453Give definition of CVA.
454Give definition of Osteomyelitis?
455Give types of active imunization?
456What is oligouria?
457What does a GCS mean?
458For what purpose glucophage is given?
459What are the causes of rectal bleeding?
460What is haemorrhoids and its treatment?
461Define epidemic and pandemic?
462What is Gout?
463Difference between arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis?
464What is Lipid profile?
465Which view and angle we take for DNS X-Ray?
466What is Mastoiditis?
467Difference between M.I and angina?
468Difference between acute and chronic tonsillitis?
469Give complications of tonsillectomy.
470What are the temperatures for sterilization and pasteurization?
471What are causes of Rectal bleed?
472Describe folowing haemorrhoids, rectal carcinoma, G.I.T ulcer, trauma.
473If two patients in ER comes with h/o RTA, one has head injury and the other has chest trauma. Which patient would you attend first and why? Emphasis on detailed reason.
474What does triage mean?
475What are macrovascular complications of DM?
476What are glands? Difference between Endocrine and exocrine system. Names of endocrine glands in body.
477Which gland can cause hypertension?
478Describe dog bite scenario and management.
479Give ARV schedule.
480Describe Scabies scenario and management.
481Name of water borne diseases.
482Name of Air borne diseases.
483What is HbA1c and for how much duration it calculates the blood sugar?
484What is normal fasting and random blood sugar levels?
485What are number of beds in DHQ hospitals and in tertiary care hospital?
486What does Immunity, immunization, EPI stands for?
487Which two new vaccines are added in the the new EPI schedule?
488What is herd immunity?
489What causes albumin in urine during pregnancy?
490What is first line infertility treatment for Polycystic ovarian syndrome?
491What is Nephrotic syndrome?,
492What are causes of hematuria a man age less than 40 years?
493What is Chronic kidney disease?
494What are causes of chronic eenal failure.
495Describe Derranged Renal function tests.
496Describe fistula formation after Total abdominal Hysterectomy.
497What are the types of fistula?
498What is renal carcinoma and lung carcinoma?
499What is stress urinary incontinence?
500Describe over active bladder case scenario.
501What is Myocardial infarction
502Describe Management of MI.
503What is Pneumothorax?
504What are findings of Pulmonary embolism ECG?
505Give types of Anesthesia?
506Describe Hypertensive emergency and urgency.
507What are signs and symptoms of mumps?
508What is HCC tumor marker?
509What is down syndrome?
510What are ACE inhibitors name and their side effects.
511What are duties of MO in BHU?
512What is DNC? and purpose of DNC.
513What is bishap score?
514What is mottling?
515What instruments are used in pelvic surgery?
516What are complications of pelvic surgery?
517What is Parkinson’s disease ?
518What is Alzheimer’s disease?
519What are sign, symptoms and drugs used for typhoid?
520What are types of cyst?
521Describe differential diagnosis of lower abdominal pain in females?
522What is ACS?
523What is difference between unstable angina and NSTEMI
524Which is antidote to Heparin?
525How to determine age of a married girl?
526At which age epiphyseal reunion happens?
527Describe snake bite management.
528Describe gose of anti venom?
529What are congenital heart defects?
530What is EEG
531What is difference between Extradural hematoma and subdural.
532What are Anti hypertensive drugs
533What is Burr hole craniotomy
534Describe Laparoscopic cholecystectomy steps.
535What is direct and Indirect Bilirubin?
536What are peripheral smear finding of Hemolytic anemia?
537What are causes of highly elevated and mildly elevated AST?
538When Is Spinal Anaesthesia used at which level?
539What is High Spinal?
540What is spinal headache and Spinal Shock?
541How you will give anesthesia in a pt with Liver disease?
542What is Toxicity of lignicaine?
543What are the side effects of Ciprofloxacin?
544Describe managment of RTA pt with chest and limb injuries.
545What is chemical Name of Plaster of Paris?
546Describe managment of pt with 30% burn.
547What is rule of 9?
548How to calculate fluid in burn cases?
549What is osteoarthritis & RA? Difference b/w them.
550What are First line ATT drugs?
551How to check optic nerve?
552What is Bipolar disprder?
553What is Depression?
554What is Barbiturates?
555What is Communited fracture?
556Describe types of pacemaker.
557How to diagnose intestinal perforation?
558What is chest tube intubation?
559What is difference between marasmus and kwashikior?
560How to rehydrate 6month child with severe dehydration?
561What are types of fracture?
562What is VDRL and how is it managed?
563What is whipple procedure?
564What are ETT indications?
565What is length of esophagus?
566What are constriction points of ureter?
567What does COPD stands for?
568Why do we call status asthmaticus with this name?
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