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Upmed has been restricted for members from 1st September 2021.

Why we need to do this

  1. To produce relevant courses/videos, write relevant blogs/articles for our members.
  2. To filter the doctors who need an effective response to their queries (Within official timings).
  3. To filter the doctors who want guidance in specific fields/exams/jobs/admission.
  4. To focus on productivity by removing ‘nuisance’ created by some persons.
  5. Discount on our online bookshop, online courses, and workshops.
  6. Complete Website access
  7. Premium articles / Articles on demand
  8. Receive all updates directly in your inbox

Membership Fee

  1. For 12 months subscription: 1600 Rupees (An easy calculation: 133 rupees per month, 4.38 rupees daily).
  2. For 6 months subscription: 1050 Rupees (An easy calculation: 175 rupees per month, 5.83 rupees daily).
  3. For 3 months subscription: 650 Rupees (An easy calculation: 217 rupees per month, 7.22 rupees daily).

How to become a member

  1. Click the link for relevant membership:
  2. Fill in the name, WhatsApp Phone number and Email I.D and select the Payment Method [Direct Bank Transfer or PayPro (for debit/credit card payment)].
  3. If you are opting for Direct Bank Transfer, make a payment through the payment modes given in the next heading. and then upload the payment once you have placed the order.
  4. Important: If you pay through a direct bank transfer, then the admin will activate your account after the payment verification. But If you pay through PayPro (for debit/credit card payment), then you will get instant access to all the website just after the payment (even at midnight). You need not wait for the manual activation of accounts.

Payment Methods

  • Meezan Bank Account: 02220106659079 (UPMED Medical Consultancy Private Limited), Branch Code already included in account no. (0222), Township, College Road Branch Lahore. (IBAN: PK97MEZN0002220106659079)
  • Easypaisa: 03334209314 (Dr. Junaid Rashid)
  • Jazz Cash: 03042397393 (Dr. Junaid Rashid)
  • Jazz Cash: ‘Till ID’ 00234652 (Upmed Business Account)
  • Upaisa: 03334209314 (Dr. Junaid Rashid)
  • NayaPay: 03334209314 (Dr. Junaid Rashid)


What if you are not satisfied with our membership services?

Hopefully, it will not happen (We are very much confident about this). But if somehow, you are not satisfied with our membership services, you can cancel at any time during the initial 1 day of membership (For six-monthly and annual membership only). All your amount will be returned after deducting Rs. 150 processing/cancellation/bank charges. No refund is available for a three-monthly subscription.

What if you don’t want to become a member?

If you do not wish to become a member, there is no need to worry. You will be able to receive updates on our Whatsapp (which is free), but we will be unable to respond to your questions.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions, please email us at or leave a message at this link

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