Mr. Ali Jan Khan, Secretary P&S Healthcare Department as Chief Executive Officer Punjab Health Facilities Management Company

Consequent upon the approval of the 24th meeting of the Board of Directors of Punjab Health Facilities Management Company held on 30th Juno, 2022, Mr. Ali Jan Khan, Secretary Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department (Ex-Officio Director PHFMC) is hereby appointed as Chief Executive Officer, Punjab Health Facilities Management Company under section 187 of Companies Act, 2017 with immediate effect till the appointment/arrival of a regular Chief Executive Officer
Reference: No. PHFMC (C.S)BOD-24/108/2021-22

Previous CEO: Mr. Naseem Sadiq was serving as Chief Executive Officer of PHFMC since the 2nd of November 2021. Mr. Naseem Sadiq is serving as Chief Executive Officer of PHFMC since the 2nd of November 2021. He has 37 years of public sector management experience as a public servant and served as Secretary to the Government of Punjab in four Departments of Livestock & Dairy Development, Industries, Investment & Commerce, Food, Housing, Urban Development & Public Health Engineering. He also served as Director-General Excise & Taxation and Narcotics Control Department Punjab, and Member Judicial, Board of Revenue, Punjab. He served field as Executive Magistrate, Assistant Commissioner, District Coordination Officer, and Commissioner.  He had served as Administrator/ head of City District Governments of Faisalabad and Lahore, respectively. He also served with Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) Punjab, PRSP, and Chief Minister Office Punjab. He remained on the Board of Directors of 9 Public Sector Companies and served as CEO of PAMCO. He also remained Management Trainee with PIA before joining the civil service of Punjab. He has a master’s degree in Public Administration from Punjab University. He is a graduate of the National Management Course from the National School of Public Policy, Government of Pakistan. He attended several management and training courses during his diverse public service career.


Ex Officio: It means denoting or relating to a member of a body who holds the role as a result of their status or another position that they hold.

Section 187: Appointment of subsequent chief executive.— (1) Within fourteen days from the date of election of directors under section 159 or the office of the chief executive falling vacant, as the case may be, the board shall appoint any person, including an elected director, to be the chief executive, but such appointment shall not be for a period exceeding three years from the date of appointment: Provided that the chief executive is appointed against a casual vacancy shall hold office till the directors elected in the next election appoint a chief executive.
(2) On the expiry of his term of office under section 186 or sub-section (1) of this section, a chief executive shall be eligible for reappointment.
(3) The chief executive retiring under section 186 of this section shall continue to perform his functions until his successor is appointed unless the nonappointment of his successor is due to any fault on his part or his office is expressly terminated.
(4) Notwithstanding anything contained in this section, the Government shall have the power to nominate the chief executive of a company where the majority of directors is nominated by the Government, in such manner as may be specified.


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