Pakistan Medical Commission to start Biometric Verifications of all the doctors

In a press conference held on 04th June 2021, the Pakistan Medical Commission officials stated:

Every existing doctor in Pakistan will now fulfill his or her Mandatory Biometric Verification so that we know where our doctors are, where they work, who they are, and what they do so that we have all of the data and that every practitioner is fully compliant.

We have 2.5 lacs registered medical and dental doctors. We do not have the ID cards of many doctors. We don’t know if they are practicing, alive or dead. No record was kept before the Pakistan Medical Commission. Even a province does not have a record of how many doctors there are in their province at the moment and where they are.

Doctors will create an online digital ID, which will include their name, present address, and where they work. After that, they will be given a number to have their biometric verification completed at a designated center or hospital, and if possible, services at home will be offered.

If a doctor does not do this Mandatory Biometric Verification within 45 days, his license will be suspended.

We’ve also spoken with NADRA, and we’re implementing a mechanism that will make a doctor’s ID card number his or her license number after August. There will be no need for a separate number.

Given the growing trend of Tele Medicine, we have also started issuing a new license called Temporary License for Telemedicine. Therefore, registration will be mandatory for the doctor who wants to use it. The fee will be around 3000 rupees.


It is expected to start from mid of June 2021. Keep visiting PMC Official website for this.

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