PPSC (Women Medical Officers: 2020): Procedure after Selection

Important: This article will be updated again and again, during this process of selection.

The recent result was announced on 06th Nov. 2020. Out of 1000 seats, 941 were selected. Fifty nine (59 including 19 posts reserved for special persons quota and 40 posts reserved for minorities quota) posts remained vacant due to non-availability of candidates.

Selection Lists


  • This final list will be sent to the primary and secondary healthcare department for further posting. (Important: PPSC recommends suitable candidates after the prescribed procedure and sends it to the Department concerned. Appointment, training, and posting of candidates are the responsibilities of that Department.)
  • Primary and Secondary Healthcare department will issue offer letters through an online portal. (I will update the details about the portal, once it is opened.) Through this portal, you will also submit the preferences (Preference may be district wise or health facility wise. I will update once the portal is opened. Maximum of 10 preferences can be given)
  • Posting are only done at GRDs, BHUs, RHCs, THQs and Non Teaching DHQs only. (No tertiary care / teaching hospital is included)
  • All the postings are usually done according to Merit and your preferences.
  • This time, all the selected medical officers were called to the Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department. They were called according to merit. A short interview about preferences was done with each and every medical officer i.e. The first the merit, greater the preferences one had.
  • All the posting orders are issued on official website of Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department. (Link of Website)
  • For those who are already doing Post graduation, they are issued, separate orders, for convenience in process of EOL. Read the details of EOL here
  • Joining must be given within fifteen days of issuance of orders.
  • If a recommended candidate fails to join the post or tenders his/her resignation after joining or is terminated by the Department on any ground or declared medically unfit or the Appointing Authority refuses to issue offer of appointment during the validity of the merit list, a substitute is provided from the same merit list, if so requested by the Department concerned. Substitute candidate is not provided on the request of any candidate.

Important Terms

Recommended: It means that you have been selected.

Not Recommended: It means you have passed the examination/interview but you could not qualify for the post. (Your marks will be lower than top students. For example, 1000 seats are announced. You passed the interview but your merit no. was after 1000 (i.e. suppose 1022), you will be labeled as not recommended in this case. If one is labeled as not recommended, his/her attempt of PPSC is not counted.

Fail means you have not passed the examination/interview, and that your attempt will also be counted.

Abbreviations used in this post

  • PPSC: Punjab Public Service Commission
  • GRD: Govt. Rural Dispensary
  • BHU: Basic Health Unit
  • RHC: Rural Health Center / Complex
  • THQ: Tehsil Head Quarter
  • DHQ: District Head Quarter
  • EOL: Extra-ordinary Leave

Final Orders issued by Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department

8th Jan. 2021https://pshealthpunjab.gov.pk/Upload/Orders/5uifsvx5.q0o8834210.pdf
9th Jan.https://pshealthpunjab.gov.pk/Upload/Orders/ipblr0ps.4hk9715918.pdf
11th https://pshealthpunjab.gov.pk/Upload/Orders/fd2t3bzf.1ig8938981.pdf
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