Questions asked before CIP Induction

What is the time frame of Induction?

Induction is usually announced 2 times a year i.e January and July but sometimes date is changed. Sometimes leftover induction is also announced.

What is left over induction?

Once the induction process is complete, some seats remain vacant because some candidates don’t sign the consent or some residents don’t join the training. Leftover induction is announced in order to fill those vacancies.

Who can apply in Punjab Residency Program?

Every candidate either Pakistani or foreign national, who has cleared FCPS Part- I or Joint centralized admission test (JCAT) can apply in this program. See details about JCAT

I belong to the province other than Punjab. What are prerequisites? Read the post about candidates other than Punjab

I am a foreigner. What are prerequisites? Read the post about foreign candidates.

When will I be debarred from this program? Please see the debar rules in this post

My PMDC/PMC is expired. What should I do?

Nothing to worry, you can apply for renewal of PMDC. When you will submit the application for renewal, PMDC/PMC will issue you a token/receipt. You can upload that token/receipt in the place of PMDC. You can upload Courier Token (if sent by courier). You can also track your applications on PMC official Website: (Link: https://www.pmc.gov.pk/Applications/Search )

Can I submit a research acceptance letter instead of a published research article?

No, as per the new CIP criteria, you cannot do so. Marks are given for the published articles only. In case of any help regarding this issue feel free to contact at WhatsApp by clicking this link or contact us here

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