Questions asked during and after Induction

The most common question during or after induction process is  “What is the next step?” Here are some explanations.

I have not received any email after submitting my application.

Once dates are closed. Initial scrutiny is done. If form is error / mistake free, then candidates receive an email of acceptance. If any kind of minor error / mistake is found in forms of candidates, they are emailed for correction. Their application form is opened for editing for a particular period of time i.e. one or two days. And in case of major error / mistake e.g documents issue, candidates receive an email regarding presenting their issue in  grievance committee.

What is grievance committee?

Once candidates receive emails of acceptance or error, Grievance committee is held on a particular day (mentioned in emails). This committee listens to the issues of candidates and tries to solve them (if possible) and then forwards their findings to I.T Team for further processing.

What happens after grievance committee?

  • Once the Grievance Committee is held, the I.T team makes corrections in forms of candidates or send emails to candidates for correction.
  • Scrutiny is done again and candidates whom issues have been resolved to receive an acceptance email and candidates whom issues have not been resolved, get a rejection email.
  • After this process of merit and selection is started
  • Read about grievance committee in detail

When results are announced?

PRP does not have a specific time frame, whenever results are announced, successful candidates receive an email displaying their field of selection and hospital and link for consent. Forms of successful candidates are opened for a particular time (mentioned in emails). They have to login and sign an online consent against a particular specialty. e.g.if a candidate has been selected in FCPS anesthesia in a particular hospital and MS anesthesia in a particular hospital, he or she has to give online consent for one field either FCPS or MS. Once candidates have signed consent, their particulars will be forwarded to administration of the hospital of their selection. If a candidate is selected but he/she doesn’t like hospital or field and doesn’t want to join or wait for the second list, there is risk that he/she may not be selected in 2nd list (if he/she doesn’t qualifies the merit).

When second or 3rd list is announced?

Once candidates have signed consent in first list, they choose one specialty. Other seats become vacant and candidates with preferences are promoted automatically and again they receive an email for online consent. Same is the case of 3rd list.

When to join the Hospital?

Once candidates have given consent, their particulars are forwarded to particular hospital and candidates receive notification from PRP and hospital administration about joining date & time. Candidates have to join in particular time. Original documents are also verified by hospital administration and after that process of joining is completed.

What is hardship committee?

Please refer to the detailed post about the hardship committee at this link.

Hope this clears all, we have tried to explain all the questions to the best of our knowledge. But rules keep on changing, so stay updated with the latest rules,  if you still have any questions, you can ask us at our Facebook page or Whatsapp.

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