Research Papers Issue: Jan. 2021 Induction

All research papers, irrespective of the impact factor or approval of HEC, were acknowledged in the previous Punjab Residency Program (PRP) / Central induction Policy (CIP). However, in January 2021 Induction, PRP/CIP Committee rejected all research papers except those listed in the W-Category (as per the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Repository). A committee was established to discuss this matter and submit a report by 11 February 2021. Later on 11 February, the provisional gazette (list) was uploaded on PRP’s official website.

HEC Research Repository Link: https://hjrs.hec.gov.pk/

Notification of Committee: https://www.upmed.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/prp-cip-research-paper-issue-committee-w-category.jpg

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