Resign from the training post

If you want to resign from the training post (selected through Central Induction Policy), keep in mind the following things:

  • You have to deposit all the salaries, you have received so far (during training). If you have not received any salary yet, then you don’t have to deposit anything.
  • You will be debarred for one year i.e. you will be able to apply in next inductions after one year.


  • Write an application to Program Director who will discuss the case with the candidate and the “Program Faculty Committee” (Comprising of all the supervisors in the same program) and will send an application with his remarks to the Head of Institution (VC/Principal/HOI)
  • The Head of Institution will discuss with the candidate and Program Director and will forward the application to the PG Education Committee with the recommendation, penalty to be paid by the candidate.
  • If applicable you will be asked for reimbursement of salaries. If you are fresh and didn’t get any salary yet, then you don’t have to deposit anything.
  • You will be debarred for one year for applying in Punjab residency programs.
  • Your one year of debarment starts when your application reaches the secretariat.
  • See Point 14 in these orders
  • Please remember the date of your resignation and keep a copy of the resignation signed by the head of the Institute for future records.
  • Note: After resigning;  If you want to apply to a private institute for training, you can apply anytime.  One year of debarment is only for the Punjab residency program.
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