Revised SOPs for Medicolegal Work in Punjab

Notification No. 1008-1015/SML dated 13th March 2024, issued by the Secretary of the Government of Punjab, Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education Department, outlines revised and updated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) regarding medicolegal work in Punjab. The SOPs cover various aspects of medicolegal examinations, including documentation requirements, physical examinations, reporting procedures, and handling of evidence. Key points include the necessity of police dockets, consent, and FIRs for postmortem examinations, detailed documentation of victim information and injuries, declaration of the nature of injuries in accordance with Qisas & Diyat Law, and the obligation to dispatch reports promptly to concerned authorities.

Ad hoc doctors are prohibited from conducting Medicolegal Certificates (MLC), while Senior Medical Officers (SMOs) and Senior Women Medical Officers (SWMOs) are mandated to participate in Medicolegal work without exemption.

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