Transfer During Training

In order to ensure that merit-based admission policy is not compromised through transfer mechanisms, transfer within the city will not be allowed. Inter-city transfer during training will be allowed on a wedlock and hardship basis. It will be considered by the Competent Authority subject to the following:

  • All requests for transfer of Postgraduate Trainees shall be forwarded to the SHC&ME Department duly recommended by the Head of Institute along with the NOCs from the hospital authorities.
  • The transfer shall be restricted to and from public sector institutions only.
  • Candidates admitted on reserved seats/quota seats shall not be allowed the transfer.
  • No mutual transfer shall be allowed.
  • No transfer shall be allowed in violation of sanctioned strength for a particular admission.
  • The transfer shall be limited to the extent of institutions recognized by the regulatory body like PM&DC and from/to the public sector institutions that are affiliated with the universities recognized by the Higher Education Commission.
  • SHC &ME Department will refer all such cases to the Hardship Committee for scrutiny and clear recommendation.
  • Final orders shall be issued by SHC&ME Department.
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