Wedlock Policy

The candidate who applied and got admission in Punjab residency program (Central Induction), after joining and 3 months of training in the allocated hospital, the candidate (husband/wife) will be eligible for transfer/migration and can apply to PG Admission committee:

  1. If both husband and wife are in residency programs and are in training in teaching hospitals located in different cities, they are allowed to apply for migration and placing at one teaching hospital provided that the seats in the same program and in the same year of training (For both separately) are available (vacant) at the proposed teaching hospital.
  2. If more than one application is received for one vacant seat; the decision will be made on merit calculated as approved in the PPM for initial admissions.
  3. The PG Education Committee will identify the vacant slots
  4. The decision of the PG Education Committee will be final.
  5. See Point 15 in these orders
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