Wedlock Policy

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The candidate will apply and get his / her admission on merit. After joining and six months of training at the allocated site, the candidates (Husband / Wife) will be able to apply to the SHC&ME Department in case:

  • If both husband & wife are in residency programs and are in training in teaching hospitals located in different cities under the Administrative Control of Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education Department, they are allowed to apply for migration and placement at one teaching hospital provided that the seats in the same program and in the same year of training (for both separately) are available/vacant at the proposed teaching hospital. Cases will be referred by SHC&ME Department to the Hardship Committee for scrutiny and clear recommendations.
  • Transfer under Wedlock Policy will be allowed only from higher to lower merit and availability of seats in the same specialty and year.
  • If more than one application is received for one vacant seat, the decision will be made on merit as calculated and as approved in the PRP for initial admission.
  • The Institution, to whom PG wants to migrate, will identify the vacant slots and shall issue NOC in favor of the candidate.
  • An attested copy of the Marriage Certificate (Nikkahnama) shall also be provided.
  • This wedlock policy will apply even if the spouse is a non-doctor and is a government employee of other organizations.
  • If a Postgraduate Trainee wants to complete his / her remaining Postgraduate training in another province on a wedlock basis, he/she may be allowed “Exit” from training with the approval of SHC&ME Department, subject to the provision of necessary documents i.e. Nikkah Nama, NOC’s from both Institutes. He/she will not be entitled to draw any stipend/salary from the Government of Punjab. Also, he /she will not be entitled to re-join PRP.

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