Deputation Rules

In deputation; your service is counted and you are also on the seniority list. While in Extraordinary leaves (EOL), while doing post-graduation; your service is not counted and you are not on the seniority list (If availed before 10 years of service). (Read details about EOL)
Punjab Deputation Rules as per 2nd Jan. 2023 Notice:
  1. Those MOs/WMOs who have completed at least two years of periphery service will be considered for placement in teaching hospitals to undergo their Postgraduate Training, only, if the concerned training institution is ready to bear the expenditure of their salaries during the deputation period. The period served in the Prisons / Jails, under the Home Department by MOs / WMOs / SWMOs / SMOs, may also be considered as periphery service except in District Lahore.
  2. In this regard, Postgraduate Training shall only be allowed in Institutions functioning under the administrative control of the Federal Government, Provincial Governments, Armed Forces Medical Colleges and in those Autonomous Institutions that are attached to any Government Department.
  3. All MOs/WMOs who have completed Postgraduate Training in specialities available in P&SHD on deputation granted by P&SHD will serve in P&SHD, preferably posted in DHQ / THQ Hospitals, for a period equal to their Training period before being eligible for transfer to SH&ME Department.
  4. All MOs/WMOs who have completed Postgraduate Training in specialities available in P&SHD on deputation granted by SH&ME Department will be eligible for transfer to SH&ME Department if they have already completed three (03) years of service in P&SHD.
  5. The above-mentioned provision of policy regarding deputation/placement for PG Training will come into effect w.e.f. 31.12.2022.
  6. Read the Notice on this link


  1. Once you get admission to any postgraduate program e.g. through the central induction policy, you will get orders from the Institute of your selection.
  2. Write an application to Secretary Health “Through Proper Channel”  and subject “Provision of Deputation” stating your current post, total service, course, and Institute of admission.
  3. Attach orders of your induction and orders of your permanent posting.
  4. Get it forwarded from the CEO/Head of your institute.
  5. It is better that you submit this application by yourself in your respective secretariat (primary& secondary or tertiary) and follow this application also.
  6. Your respective section officer will issue the orders. This process takes time (If one follows the case; it can be done earlier.
  7. If you are adjusted against pay purposes (i.e. your pay is issued from the post you are currently working) then no further process is to be done. But if you are not adjusted for pay purposes then you will get the last pay certificate from the accounts office and give it to the accountant to whom you have been deputed (For salary Issuance).

Archives of Notifications:

South Punjab 2022 Amendment (This amendment was later cancelled)

Read details about the south Punjab secretariat amendment in this policy at this link:

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