What is deputation and How to avail deputation?

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One of the most commonly asked questions is about Deputation. How can deputation be availed? and How is it different from EOL (Extra-ordinary Leave) (Read details about EOL)

In deputation; your service is counted and you are also on the seniority list. While in EOL, while doing post-graduation; your service is not counted and you are not on seniority list (If availed before 10 years of service)
Deputation Rules:

Here the deputation rules of Punjab will be discussed:

1- A general Formulae : “All the MOs/WMOs after serving for two years at GRD, BHU, THQ, or non-teaching DHQs are allowed to avail deputation” on following conditions

  • They will provide an affidavit that they will serve in the Primary and Secondary Health Department for the period/years at least equivalent to their training period.
  • They are not receiving any stipend for Postgraduate training.

2- Deputation shall only be allowed in the institutions functioning under the administrative control of the Federal Govt. , Provincial Govt., Armed forces medical colleges and also in those autonomous bodies institutions attached with any Govt. Department.

How to get deputation:
  • Once you get admission in any postgraduate program e.g. through central induction policy, you will get orders from the Institute of your selection.
  • Write an application to Secretary Health “Through Proper Channel”  and subject “Provision of Deputation” stating your current post, total service, course, and Institute of admission.
  • Attach orders of your induction and orders of your permanent posting.
  • Get it forwarded from CEO/Head of your institute.
  • It is the better that you submit this application by yourself in respective secretariat (primary& secondary or tertiary) and follow this application also.
  • Your respective section officer will issue the orders. This process takes time (If one follows the case; it can be done earlier.
  • If you are adjusted against pay purpose (i.e. your pay is issued from the post you are currently working) then no further process to be done. But if you are not adjusted against pay purpose then you will get last pay certificate from account office and give it to the accountant where you have been deputed (For salary Issuance)

Hope it clears all. If there is any question feel free to ask. Deputation Policy of other provinces will be updated soon

South Punjab 2022 Amendment (This amendment was later cancelled)

Read details about south Punjab secretariat amendment in this policy at this link: https://www.upmed.net/ban-on-proceeding-on-postgraduate-training-on-deputation-basis-by-secretary-primary-and-secondary-healthcare-department-south-punjab-multan/

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