Writ Petition against CIP / PRP Induction for January 2022

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Two petitions have been filed against CIP / PRP Induction for January 2022. Both of the Petitions were filed against the notification i.e., attempt marks not included in the Jan. / Feb. 2022 Induction. (See Details of Notification). 

One by Dr.  Faiqa Falak

  1. Today (23-03-22), the Court passed the order that all such inductions shall remain subject to final outcome of this writ petition.
  2. Today (07-03-22), The Honourable High Court ( Mr Justice Muhammad Shan Gull) has passed an order in WP No 2692/22 titled Dr Faiqa Falak vs GOP etc and directed Secretary Specliazed healthcare and Medical Education to appear in person before the court on 11-03-22 (Friday).
  3. Today (11-03-22), the secretary and Deputy Secretary appeared before the court and after the hearing, the court passed directions to the Health Department to resolve the issue administratively and the court fixed the next date of hearing as 24-03-22. Court has asked sch&me to present a satisfactory administrative solution to this issue which would satisfy affectees till 24th.
  4. Today (24-03-22), Health Department Secretary and Dy Secretary submitted a written reply to the court and they also informed the court that Exam Attempts marks will not be considered in future inductions, But writ petition No 76550/2022 on the same subject matter is also pending at Principal seat(Lahore) for adjudication, So Court ordered to transfer the case at the principal seat to avoid conflicting judgement in both cases. Now both cases will hear at the principal seat (Lahore) being an identical matter

One by Dr. Saad Yaqub

  1. The Court passed the order that “In the meanwhile, the operation of the impugned notification shall remain suspended”. Next Hearing on 22nd March 2022.
  2. 22nd March 2022: We have not received any details yet

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